About us

Your talent acquisition strategists

Fauve helps decision-makers, start-ups and NPOs target and recruit the most promising executives and professionals in the industry. These talents, leaders and visionaries will become strategic levers for your organization’s success, today and tomorrow.

In addition to traditional headhunting and à la carte strategic consulting services, Fauve brings together a team of experienced recruiters focused on developing privileged relationships with the most prominent candidates in your industry, no matter where they are.

Fauve is your trusted partner to proactively and attentively oversee your strategic recruitment process, while focusing on market intelligence, innovative recruitment solutions and enhancing your employer brand at all points of contact.

Our values


    It’s the difference between knowing and understanding. It’s our ability to grasp our clients’ business issues and to assess our candidates. It’s our thorough knowledge of the job market.


    We know how to bounce back with audacity without neglecting any details. Our inquiring minds are always on the lookout for the best practices on the market.


    Our processes are characterized by transparency, human interactions and active listening. We are committed to our clients’ and candidates’ success. We develop meaningful long-term partnerships.


    We understand your business issues and we have the tools to help you bring talent back to the core of your business mindset. We are convinced and determined to find the right candidate thanks to our insightful recruiting strategists.


    We put our influencing and convincing skills, our curiosity, our situational intelligence, our sense of duty and our integrity to the benefit of our clients. We are team players. Together, we accomplish greatness.


    We don’t work on commission. We work in collaboration to find the person who will meet your needs. We are also a dedicated team of passionate people who understand the true value of having fun at work.


    Empathy, professional conscience, autonomy, trustworthiness, perseverance. We are first and foremost your partners and advisors.

Invested in our community

We are committed to making a difference in the communities that inspire us and bring us together. Fauve is particularly proud to be a Major Donor to Centraide since 2019 and to get involved with organizations that help people in difficulty.


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