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Traditional headhunting and strategic consulting in talent acquisition

Our versatility is one of our greatest strengths. We are the extension of your team and we provide support adapted to your needs. We will oversee your recruitment efforts at any time, globally or specifically (à la carte), no matter where you are in the process. We will simplify your process, build an effective talent management strategy, and bring talent back to the core of your business mindset.

Hire the
best talents

A meticulous and comprehensive process

Plan your hiring strategy
and support your team

Assess your needs

Strategic analysis of your present and future recruitment needs.

Job posting

Eye-catching descriptions to attract the maximum number of qualified candidates per posting.

Selection and evaluation

First selection of candidates from the applications received, initial analysis and presentation of the most interesting profiles.


Implementation of a proactive talent acquisition strategy to identify passive candidates with high potential in the market and whose skills will meet the future needs of your organization.

Bank of hours

Resource dedicated to your research and needs over a defined period of time. Minimum of 50h, the resource works remotely.

Did you ever find this type of candidate?

You often ask us the question and the answer is yes. Firmly established in our markets, we are sure to find the perfect talent for your organization, whatever your industry or the desired profile. We’re ready to take on the challenge!

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*Data based on the last three years.

Your trusted partner

Need to hire and don’t know where to start? Do you have multiple applications to analyze? Need to recruit a new team? Are you planning for future business growth? Do you want insights (market intelligence) on your industry or on a specific profile to stay ahead of market trends? Do you want to increase the attractiveness of your employer brand and become a magnet of talent? We’re here to help!

Why choose us

Because we have the best warranty in the industry, we don’t work for commission, our flawless commitment and dedication are key to your success, and most of all for the collaborative, professional and pleasant experience we offer you and your candidates.


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