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Did you ever find a candidate “for this type of position”?

he question par excellence! The answer is (almost) always YES! We are well established in different markets. Rest assured that we will find the perfect talent for your organization.

From CFO to factory manager. From laboratory director to philanthropic development director. From ice cream business development manager to wood processing expert. From talent and culture advisor to industrial engineering director… Just let us know who you’re looking for!

How do you measure the success of a recruitment mandate?

Did you know that the cost of hiring the wrong candidate can be as high as $50,000? According to CareerBuilder, one-third of employees will leave their position within the first six months of a new job and knew after just 1 week that they did not see themselves working for the company in the long term.

Fortunately, Fauve offers a superior warranty which proves to you beyond any doubt that we are committed to your success. Only 5% of our recruitment mandates used this warranty.

*Source : https://recruteur.careerbuilder.fr/blog/2013/05/14/quel-est-le-cout-dun-mauvais-recrutement

In what context can you help us?

We manage your recruitment efforts at any point in your process. When you think you have tried everything (posting, internal recruitment, employment agency, etc.), we’re here to help. We can also provide support with traditional headhunting mandates and à la carte strategic consulting services. We are the partner of choice to promote your employer brand while maintaining the confidentiality of your job search when necessary.

We have worked with recruitment agencies before and it didn’t turn out as we had expected. Why should we do business with you?

For all the advantages that define the Fauve distinction. We focus on quality and not quantity. We take fewer mandates to devote ourselves entirely to each one. Until we find the person you need, we will continue our search.

Do we have to work with you exclusively?

No, as your network could suggest candidates who fit the profile you are looking for. However, we do not recommend that you give a project to several agencies at the same time to avoid contacting the same candidates and thus undermine the success of the hiring strategy or tarnish the image of your company.

How much does it cost to work with you?

If you’re looking for a cheap solution, we’re not the right partner for you. Otherwise, our prices are those of the market and we deliver the results! Discover the Fauve distinction.

Where did Lorenzo get his alien kidnapping costume?

Rumour has it that he bought it at a Halloween store. Others say he got it in a galaxy near you. Don’t hesitate to ask him at your next meeting.

Who is your data protection liaison at Fauve?

If you have any questions or concerns about the data collected by Fauve during the course of our mandates, please do not hesitate to contact Lise Leroquais at the following address Loi25@fauve.ca

Can I request to delete the data collected by Fauve during mandates?

All information collected by Fauve as part of our mandates can be deleted at any time upon written request to Loi25@fauve.ca


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