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Why Fauve?

Because Fauve has a human, collaborative and personalized approach and provides employee benefits and perks you won’t find anywhere else.

Fauve is a fast-growing Quebec-based company that has carved out an enviable place for itself in the Quebec market. We support clients across Canada and we also have an office in France. We are our clients’ ambassadors, always committed to creating a meaningful recruitment experience. Our business relationships are focused on transparency, human interactions, collaboration and listening. If you strive for excellence and quality at all levels, as we do, you will feel right at home with us.

Quality of life and excellent work conditions are an integral part of our business philosophy. These elements positively influence our team on a daily basis. At Fauve, the work environment is always friendly, relaxed, supportive and dynamic.

We set tomorrow’s standards

Our mission is to rethink the recruitment process and do things differently to better invest in the success of local businesses. The one-size-fits-all approach is not our thing. Our approach is personalized and tailored to the specific needs of each client and each mandate. We are advisers and trusted partners. In other words, we create added value.

We don’t work for commission

At Fauve, we have built a collaborative workplace culture. We measure our performance based on customer satisfaction and the feeling of having delivered added value throughout the process.

Diverse and large-scale mandates

We offer high-quality mandates, in partnership with reputable companies and organizations. It is now up to you to find your place in the corporate world, at the forefront of organizational strategies, with the largest companies in Quebec and top employer SMEs. We have a diverse clientele and we are involved with many NPOs. Our recruiters are accountable and always keep in contact with our clients.

Unparalleled opportunities to grow within the company

Fauve has many growth projects in Canada, not just in Quebec. Incredible learning opportunities and unique careers are available to our talent acquisition strategists right from the start.

We are agile and flexible

A rigid organizational hierarchy? That’s a big NO! At Fauve, great ambitions meet great solutions, with agility and innovation. Join the ranks of a human collective renowned for its energetic work environment and authentic values.

Take advantage of many other benefits

Fauve offers a competitive salary, a group insurance plan, a social club, corporate events, a work environment that facilitates remote work, a recognition program and continuous training opportunities! Our unique approach promotes a healthy work-life balance.

Nothing ever stops you from achieving your goals? Same here! Welcome to Fauve.


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