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At Fauve, we have the opportunity to make an impact on the community by donating time and financial resources to help those in need.

We aim to donate the equivalent of 5% of our gross turnover and/or employee hours to non-profit organisations.


Our Philosophy

Fauve strives for an inclusive culture towards all its employees, candidates, partners and clients. The notion of equity is at the heart of our concerns. We want to make a difference in our ecosystem, in line with our values and our raison d’être as an organisation. Fauve’s mission is to support organisations in their talent acquisition process, we believe that by being at the forefront of what is happening in companies we can make a difference and position ourselves. We want to be ambassadors, influencers and mediators.

Our commitments in Philantropy

The company’s philanthropy policy aims to donate the equivalent of 5% of our turnover
In addition to the above, it is important to note that there is a significant amount of time spent by employees on non-profit organisations.
As part of this policy, Fauve organises 4 volunteer days per year (1 day per quarter) where the whole team will come together to give their time.
These events are organised on working days. These are therefore mandatory days.

If you wish to get more involved in a cause presented by Fauve’s philanthropic committee or in another one, you will be allowed to use your 4 days of personal volunteering offered by Fauve.
In fact, Fauve offers all its employees 1 day per quarter of volunteer work to be used as desired.