JP HOLLIDAYBusiness partner, talent acquisition

Do better business.

A true headhunter and talent acquisition strategist, I am known for my creative and flexible approach. I like to go the extra mile and put my strategic thinking at the service of business visions and objectives. An “intrapreneur at heart”, I quickly grasp and empathise with the challenges being faced by businesses today. Resilient, ambitious and disciplined, I am firmly committed to the success of the companies with which I am fortunate to collaborate with on a daily basis.



  • Execution of complex recruitment mandates on an international scale
  • Technology, healthcare and manufacturing
  • Leading employer branding and transformation initiatives (web, LinkedIn, service delivery)
  • Combining technology and business processes to increase efficiency and improve client cost-benefit


Secret talents

Highly competitive (golf, backcountry skiing, crossfit, cycling)
Double major in political science and business
Creator of the Fauve Flex service offer
The only Anglophone among a gang of Frenchies ☺