LORENZO DE ANGELISCofounder and partner

Build lasting relationships.


My motto: Approach each project as a challenge and don’t let anything stop you. I have an appreciation for creative innovation when it comes to meeting complex business mandates. At Fauve, I have a hybrid role that involves both recruiting and sales. I’m driven by engaging and building relationships with entrepreneurs, HR managers, and future talent within organizations. My strength is in recognizing opportunities, optimizing team dynamics, and creating customized talent acquisition solutions based on the unique business needs of our clients.



  • Support clients in their endeavours to become leaders in their fieldà
  • Create campaigns that attract the right candidates in the context of labour shortage
  • Development and implementation of recruitment strategies for experts, managers, and executives, especially in situations where confidentiality is imperative
  • Business development and management of major accounts
  • Employer branding strategies
  • Play a key role in the development of candidates’ careers
  • Pinpoint business challenges and provide innovative solutions
  • Participate in the improvement and optimization of special projects



Mentor to future graduates of the HEC Montreal Foundation

Involvement in The Club des 100 and Tel-Jeunes

Captain of the Caballeros soccer team

Passionate about cycling and travelling

Known for my energy and sense of humour