OLIVIER CUILLERETPresident and Cofounder

Connecting with entrepreneurs.


Passionate, genuine, and determined, I believe in taking action. I base my relationships on excellence and help build visions that will make an impact. I’ve been actively involved in the corporate and entrepreneurial world for more than 20 years and I strive to bring Fauve to the forefront of the recruitment industry by positioning the acquisition of talent as a key to business intelligence for Quebec-based companies.



  • Help entrepreneurs to go even further with the addition of exceptional talent
  • A global understanding of organizational challenges
  • Business development, public relations, marketing, and finance
  • Prospecting and corporate recruitment
  • Management of major accounts 
  • Management, coaching, and deployment of sales teams
  • Management of start-up companies and their growth 
  • Strategies for networking, customer loyalty, and retention



Leadership of EO Montreal (Entrepreneurs’ Organization)
C21 supporter of the Beauce Entrepreneurship School
Nature enthusiast (hiking, hunting, fishing)
Deep appreciation for sports (tennis, cycling, skiing, golf)
Proud father of two beautiful children